Global Reach

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Recruitment in America

SML has developed a firm presence in America with particularly strong ties in New York, LA, Chicago, Miami and Austin. As a traditional centre for the art trade, New York’s market mirrors London’s in many respects. Our focus in Manhattan is on galleries, auction houses, advisory firms and artists’ studios, and we are widening our area of expertise in collector-led foundations, helping transform them into public institutions.

Recruitment in Asia

Our recruitment in Asia primarily focuses on Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Here we work with communications agencies, galleries, and auction houses, and we have helped many of our Western clients launch businesses across the region.

Recruitment in Europe

SML has had a foothold in Europe since it’s inception and we continue to cover briefs throughout this area, predominantly focusing on galleries and auction houses. This well established art market continues to offer numerous excellent opportunities for art professionals, and our recent assignments have seen us expand into sourcing for art fairs, biennales and art funds.

Recruitment in the Middle East

SML has held a presence in the Middle East throughout an exciting period of investment in new cultural centres, displaying its rich and varied heritage and establishing some of the most important collections in the world. Our work here has focused on facilitating pivotal placements in major museums with some of the world's leading experts.

Recruitment in the United Kingdom

Based in Soho, central London, we operate in the heart of the European art market alongside some of the most established businesses in the art world. We know every corner of the industry here, and are the go-to company for any businesses looking to establish or grow their teams in London and across the UK. From private dealerships and galleries to our most treasured national institutions, our rich and varied understanding of the British art market enables us to be nimble in our approach, ensuring the most successful and relevant teams are in place for each distinct business and their specific requirements.