Intro to Alternative Art World Businesses and Arts Technology

Over the past decade, the art world has wholeheartedly embraced technology, streamlining numerous processes that were once complex and time-consuming. 


Today, technology is integral to the documentation, management, and trade of artworks, empowering art world businesses to push the boundaries of what is possible. As people spend increasing amounts of time online, specialised firms offering technology as a service have become essential market players. These firms are building and establishing teams to support the transition from analogue to digital, reflecting a strong desire to integrate the arts into the digital sphere. 


US-based ventures, known for their willingness to take risks and invest in new businesses, are leading this technological charge. Other regions, including the UK, exhibit greater caution and hesitation. 


Despite this, opportunities abound as the need for innovative businesses becomes more apparent with changing customer preferences and industry needs. Ventures vary widely, encompassing transport, storage, conservation, business development, advisory services and sales. This intersection of art and technology offers a diverse range of career opportunities, from entry-level positions to senior roles, ranging from client account management and data analytics to actively pursuing new business and leading teams to deliver on strategic vision.  


Navigating the evolving landscape of art world startups and art tech companies offers a pathway both into and out of other industries. Professionals at this intersection of tradition and innovation are forging pathways that define the future of the art industry.  


Whether you are an artist, technologist, or business professional, exploring a career in this dynamic field could position you at the forefront of change and progress in the industry. 


SML, Alternative Art World Businesses and Arts Tech 

Known for our extensive art world reach and capacity to extend our scope into other fields, we are the first-choice collaborators on searches for talent that can either help to establish new ventures or support innovative businesses to grow in the geographies where they were founded or beyond. We specialise in identifying individuals who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also share a vision for integrating art and technology in ways that drive the industry forward.


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