Want a Career in the Art World?

Want a career in the art world? – Glen HardwickBruce, founder of Art World Advisory Group and former Director of Continuing Education at Christie’s shares his 8 top tips for success:


  1. Build your knowledge base: Acquire a solid understanding of artistic techniques and movements through Art History courses, enhancing critical analysis of artworks.

  2. Make the most of experiential learning: Visit galleries, museums, and art fairs to gain education, networking opportunities, inspiration, and career development. Engage with like-minded individuals to foster a sense of community.

  3. Lean into networking: This is not only crucial for exposure, opportunities, collaborations, mentorship, and staying informed about industry trends, but also for creating a supportive community.

  4. Pursue internships and apprenticeships: Gain hands-on experience through art institution internships, immersing yourself in the art world, developing a deep industry understanding, and honing career-directed skills.

  5. Add language skills to your repertoire: Learn additional languages to broaden cultural understanding and gain a global perspective, especially valuable for international collaborations and communication in the art world.

  6. Keep learning: Read articles, books, market reports, and relevant materials to gain insights, knowledge, and perspectives essential for professional growth in the art world.

  7. Embrace rejection and exhibit persistence: Continually submit work, apply for opportunities, and always strive to bounce back from setbacks.

  8. Nurture relationships: Avoid burning bridges in the art world by maintaining positive connections. Recognise the significance of relationships, kindness, honesty, and integrity for long-term success and professional opportunities. 


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About Glen

Glen Hardwick-Bruce came to Christie’s Education following many years spent in South Korea, Japan and Italy. With thirty years of experience in Education, Publishing and Finance, Glen now designs and implements Christie’s Education continuing education and bespoke courses in the UK, Europe and Middle East. 

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology and Communications from the University of New England, as well as a master’s degree in Ancient Art and Architecture from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. 

This March, Glen will be stepping away from his role with Christie’s to launch Art World Advisory Group – offering art world related courses, art tours and consultancy. We wish Glen the very best in this new venture! 

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Image Credit: Vincentas Liskauskas